Gap Farm - Point of lay Pullets

Here at Gap Farm we have some of the best quality Point of Lay Pullets (chickens/layers/hens) in the area. We have over 30 years' experience in poultry keeping and supply everyone from the first time keeper to the larger flocks for smallholders and farmers.


Home poultry keeping is one of the largest growing interests and seriously what can be better than trundling down the garden and bringing back some of your own freshly laid free range eggs where you know exactly what your chickens have been fed on, and cooking them up for that delicious snack or meal.

All of our pullets have been barn reared in a healthy environment to some of the highest welfare standards with litter and perching areas as well as nest boxes, they have been fully vaccinated (please see our Vaccination Programme pdf here) and salmonella tested for complete piece of mind.

They are a hybrid breed, the same as the big commercial laying flocks and will easily lay 320+ fantastic fresh eggs per year. Ideally suited for the poultry keeping novice or the highly experienced. These pullets are also ideal for young children due to their placid temperament.

Our advice can be invaluable for the novice keeper so please give us a call and we will most happily answer and questions or concerns you may have regarding housing, vermin control, feeders, drinkers, food, bedding, care and maintenance. In fact everything about keeping poultry.


Our Poultry live happily alongside our small herd of pedigree South Devon Cattle and our superb fresh beef is available to buy at certain times of the year.

We also have a DEFRA registered laying flock of Free Range birds laying some of the most exquisite eggs, and these are also available to purchase from the farm. We can also supply and deliver to a range of Shops, Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, Guesthouses and Hotels.

For more information call 01298 84820 and ask for either Darren or Liz.